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Terms and Conditions

Escrow General Conditions

Our escrow services are provided on the website, in order to guarantee the safety of buyers and sellers who purchase or provide an item(s) or service(s) from Buymorre’s website and are paying or receiving such exchange from any of Buymorre’s provided payment methods.
Using Buymorre Escrow, assures you that until the product or service has been delivered and you are satisfied, Buymorre will refrain from any payment transfers to the seller.
A user who purchases an item or acquires any services on Website is referred to as a Buyer, and a user who sells or provides any product on website is better referred to as a Seller.
For the avoidance of doubt, Buymorre Escrow is not an insurance contract.
There is no charge for using the Buymorre Escrow service.
The Buymorre Escrow is intended to protect the buyer or service reciever in the cases mentioned herein.
Buymorre Escrow will protect you provided that you follow the processes and guidelines..


By making a purchase on Buymorre’s website, Buyers are automatically participating in the Buymorre Escrow service.
The Buyer’s funds will remain with Buymorre escrow until such time as the delivery and acceptance of the product or service has been confirmed.
If the buyer has not received the product(s)/services ordered and they are still within the return period specified, or the buyer is in any way unsatisfied with said products or services the buyer should then:
Contact the seller to discuss a suitable resolution.
If the buyer and seller are unable to resolve any dispute through direct communication, then the buyer should file a claim through the Buymorre Dispute resolution team.
Dispute Team contact details
Telephone Number: [please input appropriate digits] ( Monday – Friday ,8am – 6pm )
Email :
Keep in mind that any claims raised under Buymorre Escrow can only be addressed if they are within the returns period specified or within 14days of the original order date in the case of non- delivery.
The Buymorre Dispute resolution team will determine if each party has met the Buymorre Escrow requirements.


The buyer must be a registered Buymorre user at the time of the initial claim until the end of the analysis process and related payment.
The buyer must have purchased a product on the Buymorre Site using any of the Buymorre payment methods.
You must not have initiated legal or administrative action against Buymorre or raised a separate claim of loss with your bank or card issuer regarding this transactions.


The product on which there was a claim must not be prohibited by Nigeria law and must conform to the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Buymorre Website.


Buymorre will investigate all circumstances surrounding any claims made by the buyer. In the case of any settlement agreement reached independently between Buyer and Seller, any payment will be made in accordance with that agreement.
Buymorre reserves the right to refuse or deny coverage to any Claim, without any obligation to communicate or explain the reasons for this decision and without implying any right to compensate the user.


There are certain cases where Buymorre Escrow is unable to provide cover, these include: Items damaged, repaired, modified or resold by the buyer.
Items that meet the description provided by the seller but the buyer rejects the item after delivery. Any transaction that occurs outside of Buymorre's payment system.
Items not purchased through the Buymorre website.
Any other item or transaction Buymorre consider to be false, untrue or potentially fraudulent.
Services that meet the advertised and agreed upon descriptions as given on the Buymorre Site Services not contracted on or from the Buymorre Site


Buyers may not:
Start Claims in name, representation and / or others;
Sign factual or false and / or fraudulent claims situations;
Participate in fraudulent conducts or any other behavior that could be considered damaging to either Buymorre or any buyer or seller.
Collude with other buyers in order to obtain coverage.
All such activities as listed above will be investigated by Buymorre and the offender will be punished by suspension or termination of their Buymorre registered account.


Terms and Conditions of the Buymorre Escrow may be amended and / or other requirements and conditions of Buymorre Escrow at any time by public on-site modifications. All amended terms will take effect upon the date of publication.