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RestorLyf is a food supplement specially formulated to prolong one’s life! Regular intake can protect your heart, prevents inflammation and protects the mitochondria, the powerhouse of every cell. When these parts of the body are protected, a person may achieve longer life! RestorLyf has comprehensive, unique and standardized Resveratrol Blend of powerful Longevity Polyphenols: COMPONENT Japanese Knotweed is a tall herbaceous plant with thick single stem, bamboo-like appearance, dark green alternately arranged oval pointed leaves, small white flowers and huge network of roots(rhizomes). common names – elephant ears, Mexican bamboo Premium Red Wine Extract comes from the red grape skin, flesh and seeds. It has different polyphenols (resveratrol, flavonoids and phenolic acid) contents that are highly concentrated in the skins and seeds and provide great healing powers. Grapes contain phytochemicals that have potent antioxidant properties. Grape Seed Extract(95% polyphenols) contains several nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and polyphenols) that offer wide range of beneficial effects to our body. “Resveratrol activates Sirtuin enzymes that promote longer life span. And it has been proven through extensive experiments with yeast, worms, flies, fish and most recently with laboratory mice. Also reversing diseases associated with aging like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, etc.” – National Institute of Aging RESTORLYF BENEFITS RestorLyf can prolong one’s life and many more! See how it can help you protect your body from aging. Prolongs life span Reduces signs of aging Reverses degenerative diseases Activates certain enzymes that regulate gene silencing and DNA repair Increases SIRT1 genes to protect cells against free radical production and DNA damage, thereby reducing cell death Mimics the effects of dietary restriction Prevents pulmonary hypertension Found to have a positive impact on obesity: Hindered fat storage Reduces levels of inflammatory compounds Increased levels of adiponectin Hormone that regulates fatty acid catabolism Promotes sensitivity to insulin Modulates pathomechanisms of debilitating neurological disorders, such as strokes, ischemia and Huntington’s & Alzheimer’s diseases Prevent cigarette smoke stress and inflammation Prevents DNA damage/modification Prevents dysfunction in carotid arteries Prevents smoking-induced cell death in the arteries and mitochondrial loss
USD 31.78 USD 31.78 (Fixed)


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2021-01-27 10:30:48
NIGERIA Oyo State Ibadan North-East
Health, Beauty & Personal Care
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Vitamins & Supplement


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Paper Box

USD 31.78 USD 31.78

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PRODUCT DETAILS: Contents: 10 V-caps per box Correct Dosage: 1 Capsule/Day – For Nutritional Supplement 2 – 3 Capsules x 3/Day – Suffering from diseases NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS

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500 Hour(s)
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NGN 1,000

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