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ENER-CHI Pendant
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Ener-Chi Pendant is the newest upgraded carrier of the iProtect 24/7 packet, a triple patented product and manufactured in the United States. The packet that is clinically tested and the world’s first mobile round-the-clock protection against bacteria and viruses is now partnered with an advance system, Ener-Chi Pendant, that aims to improve and bring back one’s natural body frequencies, strengthen the balance and endurance, resulting to more liveliness, delight and replenished well-being. Furthermore, the Ener-Chi Pendant is instilled with a subatomic technology that lessens the harmful impact of ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) radiation. With Ener-Chi Pendant that includes iProtect 24/7 packet, not only you can shield yourself from diseases brought about by harmful bacteria and viruses, but you become more alive, awake, and aware, too!
USD 131.51 USD 131.51 (Fixed)


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2021-01-27 10:35:15
NIGERIA Oyo State Ibadan North-East
Health, Beauty & Personal Care
USD 131.51 USD 131.51

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WHAT DOES IS DO TO YOUR BODY? ✔ Protects you against EMF radiation ✔ Restore your body natural balance ✔ Intensifies your performance ✔ Increase your stamina ✔ Escalates your endurance ✔ Improve your body’s flexibility ✔ Renews your cells ✔ Strengthen your immune system

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